Welcome to Wondercraft, a Minecraft server with RPG themes.

The majority of the server is based on lore and promotes rising to the top of your chosen Path (strength, knowledge, or subterfuge) and (for now) defeating the Enderdragon. Each Path's rank has requirements to advance, and rewards for each advancement in the form of new spells to cast.

It should be noted that we aren't fully finished with modifying the server, or building everything. We are doing a "soft" opening, where we allow people to start playing and enjoying the server while we work on getting it finished.


- Join one of the Elemental Kingdoms and climb to the top of your Path
- Create your own town and govern it
- Dedicated and enthusiastic staff
- Grief prevention with WorldGuard and rollbacking with Core Protect
- Lore and backstory, with relevant ranks
- Cast spells in each Path with MagicSpells!
- Handful of awesome mods, some of which are Factions, HorseKeep, EnderSpawn, and MCTowns
- And more!